Garden Update: Summer storm edition

We've had two days of summer storms, and while lightning is a bit scary during fire season, our garden has been LOVING the rain.

I may be most excited about the watermelons! 

We actually picked this cucumber for lunch today, but with several tiny ones just popping, we're looking forward to pickling a bunch real soon.

The yellow zucchinis have been doing great. We've had zucchini fritters, zucchini bread, zucchini tacos...

Peppers haven't done very well this year, but we do have these two itty bitty jalapenos :)

We grew several from seed but were worried after the late frost that they might not make it, so we bought some starts. Well, the plants from seed made it, as did the starts, and then I won two tomato plants in a raffle... so the tomatoes are basically a jungle. It's awesome.

These beans weren't doing well at all until it rained and now, all of a sudden, they have tiny beans growing!

Finally, the peas. These plants have stayed fairly small, but they're productive (and tasty).


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