Building a Greenhouse

I feel like every time we tackle a new project I think it's the most exciting one yet, but this time it really might be. We built a greenhouse!

Northern Nevada has a pretty short growing season, so we're planning to use the greenhouse for starting seeds and extending the season on both ends. Last year I had a cart where I kept seedlings that I would roll outside in the morning and then move back inside in the evening during the spring. So this is going to be a BIG improvement.
Before -- We turned the other walls of our barn into climbing walls but saved this one (south facing) for the greenhouse.

With the COVID-19 outbreak, we've reduced our trips into to town to get supplies, but will be adding more shelves and planting beds when it makes sense. In the mean time, there's plenty of space to get started growing veggies from seed.

And finally, the most adorable greenhouse helper:


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